Handel's Samson - Sydney Philharmonia Choirs

1:00pm, Sat, 8 Apr 2023

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  • Type of event: Concert
    End time: 4:00pm
    Venue: Sydney Opera House, Concert Hall
    Ticket pricing/options: Premium $129 | A $105 | B $85 | C $60 | D $45
    $30 for 30s & Under (C&D res)
    Concessions available
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    Description: Handel's Samson

    Sydney Philharmonia Choirs brings to you another of Handel’s mightiest works – Samson. An opera in all but name, this rare performance of the dramatic oratorio showcases Handel’s mastery of music.

    This is Biblical drama at its very best – vividly imagined music composed with the finest actor-singers in mind. For Samson, Symphony Chorus, some of our favourite soloists and a massive orchestra (by baroque standards) will unite under the baton of Brett Weymark to bring the theatre into the concert hall. Join us to hear the Handel we all love: brilliant, heroic and triumphant!