ANCA Achievements

ANCA® has created a National presence through the following achievements:

  • Established Choralfest, a national conference for conductors and choirs
  • Created a National Strategic Plan for Choral Development in conjunction with the Sydney A Cappella Association and the Music Council of Australia
  • Presented annual applications for government funding, lobbied the Arts Administration at government levels for the benefit of Choral Music
  • Established and toured the National Youth Choir of Australia (NYCA)
  • Liaised with other significant musical bodies such as Music Council of Australia and Youth Music Australia
  • Developed and wrote the 2008 SWOT analysis of Choral Music in Australia for Music Council of Australia report 

At the State level ANCA® has:

  • Established State chapters
  • Presented national and regional conferences in each state
  • Provided professional support for state chapters
  • Provided administrative guidance and seeding money support for state chapters
  • Provided seeding money for regional workshops
  • Run workshops, seminars and classes for conductors of all levels
  • Created performance festivals for school choirs, community choirs and individual singers
  • Developed honour choirs for each State
  • Developed newsletters in each State

ANCA® has created and established opportunities for members in the following areas:

  • Membership in 3 categories, individual, choir/school and institution
  • Public liability insurance for choir memberships
  • Volunteer accident insurance for all membership categories
  • Fundraising opportunities for choirs
  • Performing in State and National honour choirs for both adult and students
  • Attendance and scholarships for both choirs and individuals at state and national festivals, conferences and workshops
  • Performance opportunity for school and community choirs

ANCA®'s Publications and Commissions include:

  • Commissioned numerous choral works from Australian composers and given the premiere performances of these and other works
  • A CD of Australian compositions performed by Australian choirs
  • The national journal Sing Out
  • The Chorister bulletin A Chorus Line
  • The current development of an online newsletter ChoralENews

ANCA® is committed to the ongoing development with the following planned for the near future:

  • National Choral Seminars for each state with both national and international conductors
  • A national web register of conductors, choirs and accompanists
  • Further development of member opportunities

ANCA®'s International presence can be seen through the following:

  • ANCA is a proud member of the International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM)
  • Australia hosted the IFCM World Symposium of Choral Music in 1996
  • ANCA has organised and coordinated national tours for international clinicians and hosted various international choirs
  • The Australian advisor to the IFCM is a past national president of ANCA