Aon Insurance

The Australian National Choral Association is in partnership with Aon Risk Solutions to bring our choir members a policy tailored for the choral community at an affordable and competitive price. While we work together, ANCA deals with membership queries and Aon deals with insurance queries.

Through ANCA, not-for-profit choirs can be covered for Public Liability Insurance when they rehearse or perform, for up to a $20,000,000 limit liability. Choirs can also seek additional Volunteer Accident Insurance and Extended Transit Equipment Insurance.. 

Aon has tailored the policy to the requirements for choirs and the not for profit sector. If your choir's membership is up to date, you are eligible for this policy cover. Get in touch with the office if you are not sure if your membership is up to date, and we will work with our Aon Client Manager David to ensure you and your choir are covered. 

If you do not have insurance, we recommend considering this tailored policy at a competitive not for profit rate. 

For all membership enquiries, contact
For all insurance enquiries, call Aon on 1800 123 266 or email 
For a new insurance policy, please log in to the members area on the ANCA website to apply.

The way you apply for your insurance 

STEP 1: pay your ANCA membership fee
(NB. please allow up to 48hrs for processing of EFT and cheque payments, before you’ll be able to access the insurance link on your member's page)
STEP 2: Go to the Aon website where you can apply online for your insurance policy.  (This page is only accessible to ANCA members.)
Aon will then provide a Tax Invoice for payment & a Certificate of Currency soon thereafter.
Apply only once and every year thereafter, a renewal document will be sent to your nominated postal address. Renewals are not available online.

For more information on what AON is offering or to buy online now: or call 1800 123 266
To apply for insurance at our special rate, your choir must be an ANCA member. To become an ANCA member, please go to to JOIN.