Notes on website usage for State Chapter Presidents

  1. How to add info about your chapter and events that can be seen by the public

  • Log in and click on About

  • Click on Chapters

  • In the left hand column click on your chapter

  • Click on Update

  • Click on Promotion

  • Logo: If you have a logo for your chapter click on Choose File and select your image from your files

  • Photo:If you have a general photo eg of your committee you can put it in here

  • Scroll down to the Promotional Blurb box

  • Underneath the info about committee members you can type in any information you wish, eg about upcoming events.

  • To add a photo or poster about an event, click on the image in the tool box

  • Click on Upload

  • Click on Choose File

  • Select your file and Open

  • Click on Send it to the Server

  • Change Width to about 400 (pixels). Definitiely no more than 600 pixels!)

  • Change horizontal space if you wish. Experiment.  (I usually use about 50 to move the photo in a little way from the left hand edge of the box.)

  • Click OK

More notes below about adding photos.

  • Social Media:  Fill in any boxes you wish
  • Click Save

  • Check what you have done.  You can repeat the above process until you like the look of what you’ve done.

More on adding photos (see clip below)

  • Use Border to create a border around your photo if you wish. For example, if you put 10 here, you will see a thin grey border right round your picture.

  • Use HSpace to create a blank space to the left and right of you photo.

  • Use VSpace to create a blank space above and below your photo.

  • Use Alignment to put your photo to the Left of your writing or to the Right of your writing.

  • Experiment!