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Where to look for grants

Grants for both professional and community arts bodies are advertised by Federal and State governments and City councils on their websites.  The list of possible grants, their purpose and their closing dates are usually easy to find.  For example go to your city council website and search for Grants.  If you need to, ring up and ask.

Other possibilites are gambling funds.  For example, in Queensland there is the Gambling Community Benefit Fund.

Hints for applying for grants

Here are a number of hints that will help you ensure that you win a grant::
  • Read ALL the documentation.  In particular read the latest policy document from the granting body from cover to cover and get a feel for what they want this year (as opposed to the last time you applied).  In your application use words and phrases from the policy document.
  • Answer every question on the application form in simple, clear English.  There is usually a word or character limit. Don't waste your precious space by using a single word that you don't need to.  Every sentence must be packed with information
  • If the acceptance criteria are written as (a), (b) and (c), write your story in exactly the same order.  This makes it easy for the assessors to find and tick off what they are looking for.
  • Ring the granting body and ask the "public servant" or equivalent a number of questions.  Maybe more than once.  This way they get to know you and they are likely to give you helpful advice.
  • Keep your budget reasonable!

If you get a grant

  • Keep every invoice so that acquittal of the grant is easy.
  • Acquit your grant on time.  If you don't, it will be harder to get another grant from that granting body.  You want to get a name for staying within budget and acquitting on time.