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ANCA WA Events for 2022

Choral Conducting Courses 16th and 23rd July at Trinity College
The following two courses will be running concurrently

Master the basic of rehearsing and conducting techniques 
Main Presenter: Anette Kerkovius
Guest Presenter: Annette McKerrow - Repertoire for community choirs and High School choirs
This is a course for the beginner or inexperienced conductors. It will be a practical course where there will be extensive singing and conducting, as well as reflection on how to develop a choral program. Course notes will be provided. We are running this as a two-day course and not just a workshop, which will enable far more depth of learning to take place
Details and registration here:  https://www.trybooking.com/BWXIL
Course Outline

Vocal development of the participants

Vocal development of the choral singers
  • Healthy vocal technique
  • Posture and breathing
Warm-up exercises and their purpose:
  • For vocal development
  • Development of listening skills/intonation/general musicianship
The art of conducting:
  • The purpose of
  • Basic time patterns
    • Starting – also discussing the anacrusis
    • Ending
    • Irregular metres
  • Expression
Developing your own choral sound –
  • What to aim for
  • Identify the “sound picture” in your ear/head
  • How to achieve what you want
  • Unison singing
  • Part singing
  • Making music from the beginning – phrasing.
  • Telling the story –understanding the text
  • Preparing the music
Repertoire; Suitable repertoire
Teaching of the songs
  • Inner hearing
  • Experiencing the music physically
Consonants and vowels
The rehearsal:
  • Choral discipline
  • Enthusiasm
  • Dedication and commitment
  • Positive experience

Master Advanced rehearsing and conducting techniques
Main Presenter: Dr Robert Braham OAM
This is a course for choir conductors with some experience, who would like to take their conducting skills to the next level. We are running this as a two-day course and not just a workshop, which will enable far more depth of learning to take place.
The Gestural Toolbox
  • Body alignment for conductors
  • Setting your technique up for success
  • Gestural repertoire
    • Legato and staccato; taking standard patterns to a new level
    • Gesture and sound
    • Control is all in the upbeat
    • Working in three plains
    • Adding colour to your consonants
    • Group practice of technical aspects under discussion
Conducting the Full Score
  • Score analysis; the process
  • Conducting all the musical elements
  • Clarity of ensemble – how is it achieved?
  • What makes a phrase – from the DNA of note 1, harmonic progression, text

Guest Presenters:
Dr Andrew Foote: Choral conducting—a singer’s perspective                                                                                                                                                      
Celia Christmass: Running effective rehearsals
Full Participants: To enable ample opportunities to conduct the resident choir, Voyces, a maximum of 12 people will be able to enrol as full participants.
Observers:  There are also options to attend as an observer.
Details and registration here:  https://www.trybooking.com/BWXIM

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