The Cleftomaniacs

Waterloo, NSW

We are a small acapella group, currently 12-15 women who love to sing beautiful harmonies, usually in four parts. We come together from all over Sydney and all walks of life. We share a love of a Capella and the joy of blending different vocal tones to achieve rich, soulful and sometimes playful results. We are always looking for new members to join us. You don't need to be able to read music (but it helps if you can) - just be able to sing in tune and be willing to learn, practice and persevere. The encouragement of our creative and talented Musical Director Joanna Weinberg makes it easy to learn - she gets the best out of us! Our repertoire draws primarily from folk, pop, soul and blues from the '60s through to the present but it can include music from any other genre we choose.
Club: The Cleftomaniacs
General public contact: Sue Hunt

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