Perth Singing in the CIty 2024

12:00pm, Sun, 28 Apr 2024

  • Event Details
  • Type of event: Choral Festival
    Start time: 12:00pm
    End time: 4:30pm
    Venue: including Perth Town Hall, Trinity Church, Welsey Church, His Majesties Theatre
    Ticket pricing/options: free to public to attend.
    free to member choirs to participate - but an approved EOI is required
    Description: ANCA WA’s Singing in the City is returning to the Perth City CBD for 2024.  The Boorloo Heritage Festival will be during the month of April with a focus of activities in different communities each weekend, and ongoing activities during the week. 
    • Choirs will have the opportunity to perform in heritage buildings in the CBD precinct with a continuing priority of being able to maintain the 5-10 minute walk between venues for choirs and audiences.  (Unfortunately, the Cultural Centre (which we all loved), is unavailable in April 2024 due to major works taking place in the precinct, including the removal of the wetland between Hackett Hall and the library.)
    • As this will be at the end of the 2nd week of the school Term 2, we hope that school choirs will be able to participate
    • Choirs and audience will have access to public transport into the city
    • The performance spaces are likely to include the Perth Town Hall and Undercroft, Trinity Church, Wesley Church, and His Majesty’s Theatre.  We are also looking at some additional spaces.
    • There will be a break of at least 30 minutes between each performance to allow choirs to move between performance spaces 
    • To participate, the choir, or the choir director, must be a member of ANCAMembership applications and details are on the ANCA website.