22nd Venezia in Musica International Choir Festival & Competition

Wed, 30 Apr 2025 to Sun, 4 May 2025

  • Event Details
  • Organisers: meeting music
    Type of event: Choral Festival
    Description: 22nd Venezia in Musica International Choir Festival & Competition
    The story of our event “Venezia in Musica” started in 2003! Within a short time it became well-known, recognized and a much liked event. Its undiminished popularity probably owes to the unique location: the palaces, romantic buildings, lagoons and gondolas of Venice, the clean and tiny charm of the city of Caorle and the amazing surroundings in Sacile, to name only some of the places to meet in spring time! As much as the other meeting music events “Venezia in Musica” is part of the united under the auspices of InChoral – International Music Competitions Network and benefits from using the InChoral Evaluation System. “Venezia in Musica” has a wide range of categories for different standards, types of choirs and musical genres for all amateur groups. Besides the competition program, participants can apply for festival activities as only: just sing along with others at meeting in music Friendship Concerts or improve their skill in Individual Coachings and Evaluation Performances.